1:1 Coaching Package Details


The primary objective of our 1:1 Product Management coaching is to help you establish the skills needed to excel in your role. In our initial session we'll identify areas we want to focus on. Our coaching sessions will focus on fine-tuning those skills and identifying other areas. The personalized coaching experience will help you gain a deeper understanding of the product development process, stakeholder management, backlog management, and metric definition.

My approach to coaching

We will use your day to day work as a canvas to practice and improve your product management practice. Our coaching sessions can take various forms including working through a current issue, quick lessons on various product skills, reviewing processes, tickets or stories, or doing a deep dive into a specific topic. While addressing day to day challenges, I’ll weave in larger product management principles that are grounded in your day to day work.

What's included

Initial assessment

We already began an initial assessment to identify your current product management approach, strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations. We will review and document these goals in our first session and this will establish a foundation for designing and customizing your coaching plan that aligns with your unique needs and objectives.

Skill development

We will work to improve specific skills that you have already identified you want to improve upon. Those include tactics for running successful grooming and planning meetings, working with stakeholders, backlog management, metric development and more that we identify.

Mentoring and coaching sessions

When you need a moment to talk through a specific challenge, I’m happy to provide mentoring or coaching on specific issues. Mentoring typically involves you sharing a challenge, and I help propose or suggest solutions. Coaching sessions are more focused on helping you land on a possible solution through asking probing questions and providing a sounding board for ideas you come up with.

Resource hub

When you sign up for 1:1 coaching I’ll set up a shared hub that includes a list of general product management resources, notes from each session, and any unique artifacts we produce during our sessions.


The total cost for the initial coaching contract is $900 due at the beginning of our engagement. This includes:

Six coaching sessions

Each coaching session is 45 minutes long and can be scheduled using my office hours link. My general availability is 9-5 every weekday except Wednesdays. I have limited availability in the evenings but happy to find a time that works best for you. Coaching sessions must be used within 6 months of the first session.

Resource hub

You will get a link to a resource hub that will contain notes from our sessions, any artifacts/resources that we use in our session, plus a general product management resource section.

Total Cost: $900

Add ons:

After our initial package of sessions is complete you can book additional 45 minute sessions for $115 each.

Value to employer:

Through this coaching program, the team member will gain specialized skills, refined decision-making capabilities, and enhanced leadership qualities, directly translating into improved performance, streamlined processes, and more successful feature launches. Additionally, the coaching experience empowers the team member to take on a more proactive and strategic role within cross-functional teams, leading to better collaboration, higher team morale, and increased efficiency. Ultimately, a more skilled and confident product manager contributes significantly to the organization’s bottom line, driving innovation, competitiveness, and overall success in the market.